Circumcision: Fact Check International

Posted on: January 26, 2013

You know the saying:
“It didn’t pass the laugh test.”
That basically sums up my first conversation about circumcision.
The reaction I typically encounter when I initiate the topic with circumcised American men, is defensiveness. The reaction I typically receive from intact non-American men is initial shock which quickly gives way to disbelief:

“No, really?”

and eventual bemusement.

When I tell non-americans that in the United States we’re taught that the foreskin is unhygienic and that being circumcised is cleaner and healthier, that Americans circumcise so as to avoid infection and disease, I can almost see in the Italians’ / Australians’ / Norwegians’ / etc. faces a lowering in estimation of the national average IQ.

“The Americans believe that they will become chronically ill from their own natural bodies. Fascinating.”

I can vividly recall the first time I parroted such wisdom in front of two fellow University students over pints in a North London pub, barely an effort was made to stifle hearty English laughter.

Americans already have a reputation abroad for being rather gullible when it comes to believing whatever our national leaders tell us; but with our collective foreskin phobia we really achieve a new low. All of our developed world counterparts are mystified as to how American doctors have managed to convince American citizenry that if we don’t excise American foreskins, America is hygienically doomed, in spite of the literally billions of healthy data points walking the earth which should serve as compelling counter-examples to this claim.

Consider the following:
If it were true that most men in the rest of the developed world were forever getting sick as a direct result of having their foreskins, we would have heard about it by now. We would be finding ourselves in the midst of a global brick and mortar shortage due to all the wing expansion at every hospital throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, in an effort to accommodate bed space for all the men and boys with pained, infected foreskins. Could everyone please stop and notice that this isn’t happening.

It is astonishing that in this extremely googleable age, canada cialis 5mg we are laboring under such a colossal misconception. If people are genuinely intellectually curious about the question of whether or not the presence of a foreskin throughout one’s life is routinely problematic, the information required to resolve this question is close at hand. Go search the statistics about foreskin complications in the countries I’ve just named. You will find that the vast majority of the intact men in these nations are not merely surviving in spite of having their foreskins, but that they appreciate the nuanced sensitivity which the foreskin transmits, are strongly averse to the thought of parting with it, and incensed at the thought of someone removing it from them by force.

This should tell us something. Namely, that if the intact men in countries with the same access to soap, warm water, and condoms as Americans, are free of the afflictions which a foreskin supposedly courts, then that is strong evidence from which to conclude that virtually all intact Americans could expect the same outcome.