Circumcision: Persecution Complex is Dishonest Defense

Posted on: January 27, 2013

I join numerous fellow Jews when I say:

Lets stop with the persecution complex. Not everyone who is critical of circumcision is feverishly anti-semitic. For one thing, Jews themselves, to our credit, are continuing in a tradition of being disproportionately over represented in social justice causes by numbering strong in the pro-intact movement.
It is dishonest to suggest that nobody arguing in favor of not cutting children’s genital actually cares about the well-being of children and that the circumcision debate is really an elaborate ruse for an imminent clamp down on ritual for which we should all be bracing. Can we stop pretending that passage of a law which would delay circumcision until the age of majority means that the government is a stone’s throw away from forcing us to use our ipads on the Sabbath and eat bread on Passover? It’s not, and it doesn’t.

A People are not being singled out for persecution here, a practice is. Do you know how we would know if Jews were being especially targeted? If Protestants and Catholics also wanted to non-therapeutically circumcise and were being told that they could while Jews could not. If that were going on, then you would have a case for persecution. But it isn’t, so you don’t. There isn’t a single Genital Integrity activist who is advocating to stop jews from circumcising while also advocating that gentiles be allowed to carry on with the practice. The intact movement is about stopping all child circumcision, the vast majority of which are performed on non-jews for non-religious reasons.

And can we also please stop pretending that in the entire 200 plus year history of our nation’s past this is the very first time there has ever been a curbing of religious practice? American legal precedent demonstrates many times over that religious beliefs are not carte blanche permission to do absolutely anything we want. There are a whole host of actions that we aren’t legally allowed to perform in this country even if our religion requires it of us.
-We are not permitted to deny our children life-saving medical care even if our religion forbids it.
-We are not permitted to partake of particular drugs even if our religion commands it.
-We are not permitted to marry multiple wives, burn someone’s crops to real cialis for sale the ground, cut the genitals of a female child….
-We are not permitted to stone someone for adultery…. We are not permitted to stone someone for any reason, period. No matter how much God loves stoning.

Religious freedom exists on a spectrum. Always has. We already know this. Lets stop feigning that moderate curbings in order to preserve human rights are a novel concept being applied for the very first time now, in the domain of male infant circumcision.